turf, n.1

“a. A slab pared from the surface of the soil with the grass and herbage growing on it; a sod of grass, with the roots and earth adhering. Also, in early quots., a small portion of the sward in situ.” OED

turf, v.1

“a. trans. To cover with turf; to lay with turf.” OED


We are well experienced in laying turf, sourced from top quality local suppliers, seeding, and installation of artificial lawns; an increasingly popular alternative to organic lawns due to improvements in manufacturing quality and virtual zero maintenance requirements.

Laying turf rolls is possible during nearly anytime of the year and have the advantage over seeding of the rapid establishment period; it could take only days to lay a reasonably sized lawn, with root uptake and amenity use a week or so later.

Seeding is often cheaper to laying, but also has the advantage of specifying seed mixes according to the site, for example we can sow a shade tolerant grass species heavy mix for gardens with numerous trees, or a hard wearing mix for lawns that will experience a lot of use (children perhaps). It is possible to seed in winter, but spring or early summer is often preferable.

Artificial lawns are becoming increasing popular solution for the surfacing of small to medium gardens where a soft and hard wearing area is desired.