design, n.

“1. A plan or scheme conceived in the mind and intended for subsequent execution; the preliminary conception of an idea that is to be carried into effect by action; a project.” OED

With an extensive and successful background in landscape design, as well as holding a MSc in Architectural Design; director Fin Church fully recognizes the importance and value of great design.

As standard for any landscape garden project that requires significant work, we will design with the same care and expertise that we apply to designing 5-star hotel gardens.

The Process

On our initial visit we will discuss with you your requirements and ideas, and take measurements. If the garden is particularly large and complex, we will need to survey the site.

After this we will build a sketch 3D computer model of the existing site and proposed design, with associated cost of works detailed. Until this point all work work is carried out free of charge and is non-obligatory.

If after seeing the sketch design and costs, you would like to continue to engage us; we will adjust the design according to your feedback and provide you with a detailed quote and schedule for the works.