fence, n.

“An enclosure or barrier (e.g. a hedge, wall, railing, palisade, etc.) along the boundary of a field, park, yard or any place which it is desired to defend from intruders. sunk fence n. one placed along the bottom of a depression in the ground; sometimes applied to a ditch. Often preceded by a qualifying word, as: gun-, pale-, quick-, ring-, snake-, wire-, etc. fence, for which see those words.” OED

“Good fences make good neighbors” Robert Frost 

Fences can be economical, attractive and secure garden boundaries. Planet Earth Home have extensive experience in erecting and repairing fences of all types in and around the Bath area. Although the above OED definition is rather broad, we practically refer to fences as the wooden variety. The most common types of fence include overlap panels; the most economical, pressure or dip treated they tend to cost around £20 per 6ft panel. Costing around twice that are the more robust feather-board variety. Feather-board fences may also be custom built on site to any length.

Recent feedback for a fencing Job in Bath in which overlap panels were used to match the existing fence in the central Bath conservation area. We reinforced the panels by affixing heavy duty polythene sheeting to their rear sides:

‘The Planet Earth guys do the business. Hard working, skillful, tidy, on time, economical and to be trusted. They put up a new perimeter fence for me in difficult circumstances and estimated the job to perfection. Thoroughly recommended.’

Rod Morgan, Lansdown, Bath.



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