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Expert landscape gardening skills and knowledge

Landscapers in Bath. Expert landscaping and gardening knowledge, design skills and workmanship made available to you at affordable prices. We provide personalised landscape design and build services in and around the Bath area to highly satisfied clients. For any type of gardening or landscaping work, email contact(at) to arrange a free quote.

‘The Planet Earth guys do the business. Hard working, skillful, tidy, on time, economical and to be trusted… Thoroughly recommended.’  Prof. Rod Morgan, Lansdown, Bath.

landscapers in bath

Landscape and Garden Services

Competitive pricing – Reliable – Professional – Friendly

For all of your hard/soft landscape gardening requirements.

Design – Fencing – Patios – Decking – Driveways – Water features – Planting – Structural features – Walls – Turfing Lawns – Clearouts Pressure Wash

We are passionate and proud to help design and build places that people love and cherish.

Garden Build

build, v.

“a. trans. orig. To construct for a dwelling; to erect (a house, or garden), make (a nest). Hence, To erect, construct (any work of masonry), and by extension, To construct by fitting together of separate parts; chiefly with reference to structures of considerable size, as a ship or boat, a carriage, an organ, a steam-engine (not, e.g. a watch or a piano). Const. of, more rarely from, out of, with (the material), on (the foundation). In early modern English used with up adv.1 4a without change of meaning; but to build up (in literal sense) now implies a contrast with pulling down, or with a previous state of decay, as ‘to build up again’.” OED (edited by author)

At Planet Earth Home, we derive great satisfaction from building beautiful gardens of the highest standards and quality for our clients. Economical and experienced with a wide network of specialist craftsman and artisans to call upon if required, we always proudly strive to achieve the greatest possible outcome within budget. All of our hard works are guaranteed for 1 year as standard, subject to reasonable use. We are covered by public liability insurance.


Garden Clearance

clearance, n.

“The action of clearing, or making clear; a freeing from obscurity, obstruction, encumbrance.” OED

Whether your garden has been somewhat neglected over the last few months, or year or so, and a good clearance is required before a more regular maintenance schedule is implemented; or if a garden tabula rasa is desired or required before a new garden emerges, we here at Planet Earth home are fully equipped to handle such work in a efficient and non-intrusive fashion.

All of our team members are friendly and professional and love their work. We always work hard to provide you with the best possible value for garden clearance.


Landscape Gardening – Design & Build

create, v.

“a. trans. To bring into being, cause to exist;” OED

Since Leon Battista Alberti distinguished the intellectual task of design from the hands on process of construction in renaissance Italy, a trend that separated master builders into architects contractors developed and peaked in the 20th century. Since around the turn of the millennium however, this trend has reversed.

The use of contemporary digital design and fabrication techniques, and reducing out of house contractual transaction costs, are major driving factors of this trend.

At Planet Earth Home, by controlling design and build in house we are able to offer a better service than separate garden design and landscape contractors for the reasons above and; deep knowledge of both design and construction methodologies and techniques enable a seamless and integrated service where final outcomes and costs can be accurately envisioned and calculated from the outset. This gives us the ability to deliver outstanding value with great flexibility and transparency for the client.



decking, n.

“a. The work or material of the deck of a ship; planking or flooring forming a deck.” OED

Decks can make really great additions to a garden. With skilled carpenters on board Planet Earth Home (pun intended), you can always expect top quality workmanship delivering high-quality decks that will last and be loved by all.

Recent feedback for decking work in Bath:

“Thanks to Fin and Noah for building our wonderful decking. The team were very flexible to the time of day I wanted them to start and got the job done surprisingly quickly – even in the freezing (!) cold. They were very pleasant and easy going so happy to have them around the house. We can’t wait out there and enjoy a glass of wine in the sun. We are delighted with the outcome.”
Jen, Bath

Garden & Landscape Design

design, n.

“1. A plan or scheme conceived in the mind and intended for subsequent execution; the preliminary conception of an idea that is to be carried into effect by action; a project.” OED

With an extensive and successful background in landscape design, as well as holding a MSc in Architectural Design; director Fin Church fully recognizes the importance and value of great design.

As standard for any landscape garden project that requires significant work, we will design with the same care and expertise that we apply to designing 5-star hotel gardens.

The Process

On our initial visit we will discuss with you your requirements and ideas, and take measurements. If the garden is particularly large and complex, we will need to survey the site.

If the works required are reasonably straightforward and do not require more than a simple design sketch, we will then supply a quote free of charge. Until this point all work work is carried out free of charge and is non-obligatory.

If the required works are more complex and require a full design, we can build a 3D computer model of the existing site and develop a design proposal to your taste with associated cost of works detailed. For this service, we charge just £180, which will be deducted from the final bill if you wish to proceed with our build service.

If after seeing the design and costs, you would like to continue to engage us; we will adjust the design according to your feedback and provide you with a detailed quote and schedule for the works.


Garden Maintenance

maintenance, n.

“II. Senses relating to continuance, preservation, etc.
a. The action of keeping something in working order, in repair, etc.; the keeping up of a building, institution, body of troops, etc., by providing means for equipment, etc.; the state or fact of being so kept up; means or provision for upkeep.” OED

We can come to maintain any size garden of any type in the Bath area. We will come and charge for a minimum of 2 hours each visit (at £18/hour), and charge a little extra if we need to remove garden waste ourselves (£14 for up to 4 refuse sacks). For small gardens this may be once a fortnight or even every three or four weeks. Usually 4 hours a fortnight will be recommended to keep a medium sized garden in great shape.

We mow lawns and trim edges, trim hedges, prune plants, weed, pressure wash patios and decks. We can also reinvigorate poorly lawns.



fence, n.

“An enclosure or barrier (e.g. a hedge, wall, railing, palisade, etc.) along the boundary of a field, park, yard or any place which it is desired to defend from intruders. sunk fence n. one placed along the bottom of a depression in the ground; sometimes applied to a ditch. Often preceded by a qualifying word, as: gun-, pale-, quick-, ring-, snake-, wire-, etc. fence, for which see those words.” OED

“Good fences make good neighbors” Robert Frost 

Fences can be economical, attractive and secure garden boundaries. Planet Earth Home have extensive experience in erecting and repairing fences of all types in and around the Bath area. Although the above OED definition is rather broad, we practically refer to fences as the wooden variety. The most common types of fence include overlap panels; the most economical, pressure or dip treated they tend to cost around £20 per 6ft panel. Costing around twice that are the more robust feather-board variety. Feather-board fences may also be custom built on site to any length.

Recent feedback for a fencing Job in Bath in which overlap panels were used to match the existing fence in the central Bath conservation area. We reinforced the panels by affixing heavy duty polythene sheeting to their rear sides:

The Planet Earth guys do the business. Hard working, skillful, tidy, on time, economical and to be trusted. They put up a new perimeter fence for me in difficult circumstances and estimated the job to perfection. Thoroughly recommended.’

Rod Morgan, Lansdown, Bath.



gardening, n.

“1. The action or practice of cultivating or laying out a garden, esp. (in later use) as a hobby; horticulture. Formerly also: †an act of cultivating a garden (obs.).” OED

“Gardens are not made by singing ‘Oh, how beautiful,’ and sitting in the shade.” Rudyard Kipling 

“God Almighty first planted a garden. And indeed, it is the purest of human pleasures.” Francis Bacon

At Planet Earth Home we all truly love cultivating gardens. We apply our enthusiasm of gardening to hone our skills and knowledge so that our clients may reap the full benefits of every engagement.



plant, v.

“a. trans. To set or place (a seed, bulb, or growing thing) in the ground so that it may take root and grow; to establish (a garden, orchard, etc.) by doing this. Also intr.” OED

Always according to a carefully considered planting plan, we plant for the client and garden; whether this means low maintenance with all year round interest, a rich and fragrant summer garden, herbaceous borders,  architectural minimalism, Georgian shrubberies or geometric topiary bordering herb and flower beds; we always source the highest quality specimens and plant with the greatest care ensuring each plant will thrive – not just survive.


Turfing Lawns

turf, n.1

“a. A slab pared from the surface of the soil with the grass and herbage growing on it; a sod of grass, with the roots and earth adhering. Also, in early quots., a small portion of the sward in situ.” OED

turf, v.1

“a. trans. To cover with turf; to lay with turf.” OED

We are well experienced in laying turf, sourced from top quality local suppliers, seeding, and installation of artificial lawns; an increasingly popular alternative to organic lawns due to improvements in manufacturing quality and virtual zero maintenance requirements.

Laying turf rolls is possible during nearly anytime of the year and have the advantage over seeding of the rapid establishment period; it could take only days to lay a reasonably sized lawn, with root uptake and amenity use a week or so later.

Seeding is often cheaper to laying, but also has the advantage of specifying seed mixes according to the site, for example we can sow a shade tolerant grass species heavy mix for gardens with numerous trees, or a hard wearing mix for lawns that will experience a lot of use (children perhaps). It is possible to seed in winter, but spring or early summer is often preferable.

Artificial lawns are becoming increasing popular solution for the surfacing of small to medium gardens where a soft and hard wearing area is desired.


Landscaping in Bath

We work primarily in Bath and the surrounding areas; east Bristol, Bradford-on-Avon, Trowbridge, Frome, Chippenham, etc.

We love working in Bath, and its surrounding areas. However, Bath is special to us particularly for its characteristics of planning for beauty to its natural landscape, and for the harmonies of built structure, crafted from the famous material of local provenance, and open and green spaces, public and private. John Woods dedication to planning and design of the beautiful city is an inspiration and a legacy that we aspire to continue and contribute to with our own efforts towards the built environment.